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myTaxExpress 2021 is certified for NetFile and EFile

CRA starts NetFile/EFile service on Feb 21, 2022, and myTaxExpress
2021 software is ready.

Continuing from last year's software change, myTaxExpress runs more
stable on Windows/MacOS (including M1)/Linux.

Major tax changes in tax year 2021:

  • schedule 14 tax credit changes to quarterly payment, not included
    in tax refund any more
  • work-at-home-expense tax credit of T777S increases to $500
  • Repayment of federal COVID-19 benefit is entered in a new field 23210
  • Province Newfoundland has a new provincial tax credit form.
  • Province Saskatchewan provincial schedule 12 is back.

If you need to manage online filing status for tax returns, you can utilize
the free Filing-Report service bundled inside software. E-Signature/E-Delivery
are also integrated inside myTaxExpress. You need to setup a docsign.ca
user account into preference. You can get more details from these FAQ links.

Since Anti-virus software and Windows 10/11 controlled folder access are more
tightly controlling the system, please grant myTaxExpress as allowed program,
so it can use Internet and create working files, like .PDF printable files.

Please stay safe and have a nice tax season!

Download and install myTaxExpress 2021

Netfile software (for yourself, friends and family members)

Efile software (for tax preparer who has an EFiler ID)

myTaxExpress 2021 payment link

for bulk license payment,

myTaxExpress FAQ website

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