Share slips or forms with your spouse

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2022-09-07 22:50

myTaxExpress has a nice "Share" feature to share applicable slips or forms between you and your spouse. By sharing them you don't need to fill the same slips or forms in your spouse's return which will help you save lots of time on data entry.

Currently the following slips/forms can be shared in a couple return: T3, T5, Schedule 3, T776, T2125, T2042, T1163 and T2091.

In order to share those slips/forms, the returns for the couple must be prepared as a "coupled return" file. Here is the FAQ pages to explain what a "coupled return" is and how to couple two seperate returns together:

What's a coupled return?

How to recouple two single return files to a coupled return?

In a couple of return file, manually overwrite the percentage you want to share/split with the spouse first, then select the slip or the form you want to share in the left content panel, press the right mouse button (a.k.a. right-click mouse) to bring up a menu, then choose "Share ... With Spouse" option. This slip or form will be duplicated to the spouse's return and prefixed with "S - Slip/Form name" or "Shared-Slip/Form name" automatically to denote it is being shared.



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