How to change netfile/efile folder?

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2023-04-11 17:47

For an order version, the netfile is created in this folder \\my documents\mytaxexpress\2012\netfile by default; Efile is created under folder \\my documents\mytaxexpress\2012\efile by default. Note: folder 2012 is for the tax year 2012; for another tax year, use that year's number as part of the folder name.

For a new version, both netfile and efile are stored under a particular computer user's Documents folder. For example, for a user account 'john' on a windows machine, the netfile is stored in C:\Users\john\Documents\mytaxexpress\2020\data and the efile is stored in C:\Users\john\Documents\mytaxexpress-efile\2020\data by default.

You can change the Folder settings by doing the following:

  1. Run myTaxExpress 
  2. choose the menu Start > Preference or the Preference icon at the top
  3. Click the Browse... button to select a different folder for netfile/efile files . The new folder must be on a fixed hard drive (no removable or flash or compressed drive). 
  4. Click the OK or Apply Changes button to save a new folder setting

Screenshot in a new version:


Screenshot in a older version:

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