Step 3 - add balance sheet information GIFI Sch100 ( and Sch101)

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2023-04-08 21:26

 At all times, a T2 return must include a tax form GIFI Sch100 (Balance Sheet Information). You can visit the CRA page about the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI).

A Sch101 form is also required when a corporation files its first return after Incorporation or Amalgamation as year start status. 

In newer T2Express versions such as 2020.2, schedule 100/101 is found inside the menu Forms.

Screenshot on Windows:

Screenshot on macOS:

In the T2Express version before v2013.1, schedule 100/101 is found inside the menu GIFI.

GIFI Sch100

Since T2Express v2013.1, the GIFI menu is consolidated into the Forms menu.

form menu add sch100

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