Where to get Corporate Internet Filing (CIF) web access code (WAC)?

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2019-05-01 21:43

You can file a T2 return's cor file using the company's web access code (WAC). A unique WAC is matched against company's tax year end date. You can use the following self-serve web link to get T2 web access code:



You need to contact CRA Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk to get corporate web access code.

Corporations resident in Canada 1-800-959-2803
Non-resident corporations
We accept collect calls.
1-819-536-2360 or

Alternatively, you may request Web Access Codes by fax. You must provide the corporation name, Business Number and Tax Year End. Send the request to the attention of the 'Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk' in Shawinigan at 819-536-4486 or Winnipeg at 204-984-0418.

For detail, please refer this link


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