How to file Alberta AT1 return using Netfile or RSI Print?

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2022-09-07 22:54

The latest version since T2Express v2015.1 enables Alberta AT1 filing by Netfile and/or RSI Print. To complete the task, you need to do the following:

  1. You need to purchase a 2-return license for an Alberta corporation. One return license is for T2; the other one is for Alberta AT1 RSI Print or Netfile.
  2. create or open the return file
  3. add Alberta AT1 form and other Alberta forms into tax return
  4. after you finish the return, you can choose menu "Start | Create AT1 Netfile for Alberta" to do AT1 Netfile.
    AT1 Netfile

    AT1 Netfile process requires filer information on page 3 of AT1, please complete the filer information before Netfile;
    AT1 Netfile Filer Information


  1. You can choose menu "Start |  Generate AT1 RSI Print for Alberta" to generate .pdf file print to mail to Alberta Finance.
    AT1 RSI Print
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