How to create tax return print?

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2022-04-05 16:41

myTaxExpress or T2Express don't print out tax forms directly. Instead, they generate a printable .PDF file. After the .PDF file is created, you can see its file path showing on the screen. Next, you need to run free software Adobe acrobat reader or Foxit Reader to open the .PDF file, and select all pages or some pages you want to print.

To create a printable .pdf file in newer versions of software, first, open the tax return file, then choose the menu "Start | Generate Printable Tax Return".

Note: If you can not find the option in the Start menu, you can always access this function by the icon 'Print' or 'Generate Print' icon instead in the toolbar of the software, as displayed in the following screenshot.

To create printable .pdf file in older versions of software, first open the tax return file, then choose menu "Start | Generate Printable Tax Return"

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