How to enable client letter in myTaxExpress?

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2022-09-07 23:04

To have default client letter in print, you need to enable it in the preference settings.
enable client print

In old version of myTaxExpress software, you need to change two file names inside mytaxexpress installation. For example of myTaxExpress 2013 software,

1. In folder c:\mytaxexpress-efile\mytaxexpress\2013\pdf

change file name from "t1_clientletter_example.pdf" to "t1_clientletter.pdf"

2. In folder c:\mytaxexpress-efile\mytaxexpress\2013\xml

change file name from "t1_clientletter_example.xml" to "t1_clientletter.xml"

then print the tax return again, it will have default client letter printed out.

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