How to import last year tax return file?

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2022-09-07 23:08

In tax year 2012, we need to import 2011 tax return file. 2011 return file is a .r11 file, no matter where it is saved. When you import 2011 tax return file, you just need to browse into that folder and choose that .r11 file.

In newer versions of software, run myTaxExpress software, then choose Import from the top menu.

In older versions, select Start and then "Import Last Year's Return".

Import Last Year Return File

Alternatively in newer versions of myTaxExpress, you can choose Start, and then "Import Prior Year's Return".

An "Open File" window will pop up, navigate to the previous year's tax return file folder, i.e. usually it is \\my documents\mytaxexpress\2011\data, and choose one .r11 file and click the "Open" button,

choose return file

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