How to install a license key manually?

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2022-04-13 14:57

Version 2020 and later

In the newer version, use the menu Help/License > Install license key manually to access the dialog. 

Click the "Send License PIN to myTaxExpress" button. Enter your payment email address in the next prompt window. The software will automatically send an email to us with the license PIN of the current software installation.

You will receive a response email soon with a valid license key. Please copy and paste the key into the License Key field in the same dialog and click the "Install License Key Manually" button to complete the setup.

Older version

 After clicking on the menu "Help/License | Install License Key Manually...", a license window will pop up with a license PIN.

License key manually

An email with the displayed license PIN will be prepared by clicking on the button "Generate PIN email". You can send that email to us at in order to get a license key.

License PIN and Key are different strings. License PIN is unique in each software installation, We issue a license key which tries to match the PIN to enable netfile/efile/print function.

We will email back with a license key based on the PIN you sent in Step 1.

After you receive our emailed license key, you can choose the menu "License | Install License Key Manually" from the software, install it manually as illustrated below:

Install Key Manually

It will display a manual license window with an empty license key box waiting for input. Copy and paste the license key from our email to the license key box into the window. Click the 'OK' button to finalize the manual license key setup.


License key manually


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