License usage policy

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We may revise and update the policy at our sole discretion at any time without prior individual notice. All changes are effective immediately when this page is updated.

A digital license key may be generated manually or retrieved online for our tax software products (myTaxExpress/T2Express etc.) operated by license keys:

  • The license key is issued based on a unique PIN generated for each installation; The license PIN/Key pair is bound to that installation and can't be transferred or used to license another installation/computer;
  • Once an installation is licensed via an online or manual retrieval process, a number of up-to-license-allowed returns can be prepared in the licensed product;
  • You can update a purchased tax software product to the latest version/release for free (for the same version) and the existing license key will continue working after the update;
  • The issued license key is only for the product purchased for a particular version, and can not be carried forward to other versions or installations;
  • If the issued license key is lost or damaged due to issues on your computer or the computer itself, we will not provide a new license key as a replacement for free;
  • Free Basic Technical Support Services will end one year after a license key for a particular version is purchased;
  • The purchase of a license does not cover our Extended Support Services which include Internet Remote Access Support sessions, and Phone Support sessions over 10 minutes.
  Due to the nature of the digital license key, once a license key is issued manually or retrieved online, no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid in connection with the license key will be allowed under any circumstances

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