How to batch import stock transactions schedule 3?

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2022-04-16 16:26

In newer software, it only supports importing from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. You can create a .csv file in a text editor or spreadsheet application like MS Excel to save as a .csv file. 

The following instructions are based on an older version including screenshots. but the basics are still very similar in newer software. Here is a screenshot taken in newer software.

First, you need to have a clean .csv or .xls file to import.The .csv or .xls file has clean entries, each row is for one stock/mutual fund buy/sell entry, like the following:

50,BCE INC,COM,2012/11/03,"2086.50","1,985.95",9.95,90.60,
50,JOHNSON & JOHNSON,COM,2012/11/23,"3,333.93","3,317.79",10.15,5.99,

  • column 1 - shares
  • column 2 - stock name
  • column 5 - sell price
  • column 6 - buy price, or cost base
  • column 7 - commission or expense

Next, add schedule 3 into tax return, and launch import dialog from page 2.sch3 import


Enter the .csv file location and column specification into the import dialog

sch3 import dilalog


Click "Begin Importing" button to import the transactions. The transactions will display in "More Transaction" window.

sch3 import result

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