How to add a new T1013 form quickly?

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2020-02-10 21:19

If you filed a e-auth(T1013) form before, it should already contain the Reg ID, Group ID and/or Business Number you often use. To quickly prepare a 2nd e-auth(T1013) form, you can do the following:

1. Open the first return file which contains e-auth(T1013) in myTaxExpress

2. Choose menu "Start | Save As" to save the return file to a new name, maybe with new client's name

3. Now you are using this newly saved file, go to page 1 of T1, change client name and S.I.N.

4. Go to form T1013, it will be for the new client and has all the entries of Reg ID, Group ID and/or Buiness Number.

5. Old and new file co-exists, in this way, you can create more T1013 file.

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