License online error codes

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2023-03-25 15:28

Following is a list of the most common error codes you may encounter when retrieving a license online in our software products. 

Code Reason Notes
99 System patch may be needed  Please refer this help link for more details
202 The verification code is already used to license another copy of software installation.  
1015 The Email/verification code doesn't match the payment record. If the payment is done via PayPal, your old email may be forwarded as your payment email. You can try with the old email/verification code instead.
1018 Invalid payment record, please contact myTaxExpress/T2Express support.  
1019 The payment was refunded, please make a payment again on our website.  
1020 The software version doesn't match the payment record. If the payment is made for the wrong software version, you can contact us to change the payment record for the correct version in order to proceed.

If none of the codes are applicable to you, you can also install a license key manually or contact us

 Usually, you should get a license email with instructions automatically shortly after successful payment. For first-time buyers, check your spam/junk folder for our email. To avoid our emails being filtered in the future, please add to your contact list in the email client.

If you don't receive the license email an hour after the payment was made, please text us for your email address and issues so we can verify and resend it. Our texting number is listed on the contact us page. 

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