How to add myTaxExpress/T2Express into allowed programs of anti-virus software?

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2022-02-14 20:28

Anti-virus software are popularly used nowadays. Although it is actively protecting personal computer, however, the way it is using usually just blocks software running or generating result files, like mytaxexpress generating printable return (pdf) file.

In this case, you need to add myTaxExpress and T2Express software into allowed program by anti-virus software. Different anti-virus software have different ways to allow a program, or it is called adding an exception. You can research your software manual for detail instruction. Here are some what we found:

If you enable Windows 10 controlled folder access, read this link to allow specific app:


For Norton software, you need allow mytaxexpress data access and Internet. Read these two links:

For McAfee, please add mytaxexpress into trusted exclusion list like this link:
so it won't block software running. read this link

 For AVG, you can allow mytaxexpress to run, read this link

For Avast, you can allow a program like this

For Panda security, you can set Panda to choose Ask me when a unknown program attempts to run and add mytaxexpress into allowed program like this link

For MalwareBytes, you need to add both our website and mytaxexpress program to its exclusion list, like this

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