What are T2Express data files?

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2021-07-27 01:56

There are 3 type of files used in T2Express. They are all related to corporate tax returns, but for different purposes.

  • The most important are .txx files, the tax return file opened/saved by T2Express. From .txx file, you can create the other 2 type of files. The xx represents the version the return file is made for; e.g. .t20 is from T2Express 2020, .t19 is from 2019.
    Tax return files are by default located under user's document folder, e.g.


  • .cor file, is the Internet file for online filing.  .cor file only has a subset of information you entered into T2Express.

  • .pdf file, is the printable tax return file. .pdf file is opened by adobe acrobat reader or foxit reader. You can choose to print some or all pages from the .pdf files. PDF files are generated from the return files (*.txx).
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