What is docsign.ca?

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2022-03-11 19:07

docsign.ca is an easy and secure platform to offer an E-Signature request fulfillment service (Document E-Sign Service) and a password protected documents delivery service (Document E-Deliver Service), and some free services (Tax Filing Report / Invoice Tools).

Registered users can choose either a Pay-Per-Use or Subscription plan by purchasing points ( 10 points = $1.00) to use Document E-Sign / Document E-Deliver Service. 

  • Pay-Per-Use Plan
    • 2 Points for 1 x Document E-Deilver service($0.20/use)
    • 10 Points for 1 x Document E-Sign service ($1.00/use)
  • Subscription Plan
    • 80 points/month for unlimited usage for both Document E-Deilver and Document E-Sign services

For more details, please check out the pricing page on the website. You can purchase points on the website as well.

To become a docsign.ca user, please use the Register menu on the website. 

In order to use docsign.ca services in software, please set up docsign.ca related preference first.

Please check more FAQs about docsign.ca here.

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