Is T2 short version available?

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2023-06-20 22:23

T2 short is a paper filing method only. To file T2 return online, you always prepare a regular T2 return file.

T2 short form basically is a subset of T2 regular form presented in T2Express software. You just need to ignore a lot of fields and tax forms when using T2Express, as if you are using T2 short form. You only need to deal with schedule 1, 8 and 50 (if necessary), plus completing the mandatory GIFI sch100, sch125 and sch141.

If the company is nil income/expense, you can simply have those forms in return, but with almost all figures at zero. Do a return validation, it will tell you what to fix.

 We can help you achieve this if you need more help.

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