How to buy bulk license for other years

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2022-09-07 23:13

If you want to buy a bulk license (more than 10 returns) for other years that are not the latest/current year, you can do it with two different methods (We use the Year 2015 as an example here):


Method #1

1. Click Year 2015 link on the left on page. 
2. Use the link "quote the total price here" to figure out the total amount you need to pay. 
3. Use the credit card payment link to open the payment page



4. Select the last payment option, and enter the amount you should pay.


Method #2

If you want to pay with PayPal, on the bulk license payment page which is also the page where you quote the price in method #1 (, a "Check Out with PayPal" button appears after you click "Quote Price" button. 
Click the PayPal button, you will be redirected to a new page with purchase-related information, ensure you choose a correct software version (it defaults to the latest year):

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