Find Return - Introduce a new powerful tool

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2023-03-25 13:12

In our recent release of myTaxExpress (March 2023), we have included a new powerful tool: Find Return.

This tool will search return files created by myTaxExpress for the recent past three years on your computer, no matter whether the returns files are stored in the software default data folder or you moved the files into a different folder on the computer. Once files are found, you can either import one of them to the current tax year software or open it. You can also watch a short video to learn about this new feature.

Use case #1: Import prior years' returns

If you choose options of "Year 2021" or "Year before 2021" to search on, you can select one of the found files and import that return into the current tax year software (in this example, it is 2022 year software).

Use case #2: Open current years return

Similarly, if you choose the option of "Current Year 2022" to search on, you can select one of them to open it.

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