How to claim tuition fee from TL11A, TL11C or TL11D?

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2023-10-21 12:39

Are you a student who studied abroad? If so, you may be eligible to claim your non-refundable tax credit on the tuition fees you paid. To do this, you need to get one of the following forms from your school: Form TL11A, Form TL11C, or Form TL11D.

The software doesn't include those forms as they are not required in Netfile/Efile. However, you will need information from those forms to fill in line 32001 of Schedule 11, in your tax return. 

If your tuition fees were paid in a foreign currency, you'll need to convert them into Canadian dollars. Here's how:  

If you paid using a credit card, review your monthly credit card statement. It will display the Canadian dollar amount and the exchange rate used for conversion. Otherwise, visit the Exchange rates page on the Bank of Canada's website. Once you find the exchange rate, use their currency converter to convert your foreign amount into Canadian dollars.

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